Meaningful play: Applying Zoosemiotics to game development

Bike it Back

I was really interested to see how James Turrell's installations could provide insight as to how to propel movement and thought in stillness. Have a look here to see some thoughts and comments on Turrell.  I've got some preliminary research on how to make the energy transfer from bikes too.

BSOON can be placed in any environment because it adapts to fit seamlessly within the landscape. “Animals move around and, to do so efficiently, they need information about both their environment and their relation to it” (Collett 1983: 40). For example, like a windmill in the countryside for better irrigation, BSOON’s sculptures will help society accordingly to that location’s needs. Simultaneously, the structure accents the natural landscape and highlights the hidden and the mundane. The emergence of sights gone unnoticed or which have been desensitized from daily routine are materialized with lights, running films projected onto walls, and interactive structures like message ships, for example. Once again, BSOON is about building with nature and not on it just as “…sensory systems are primarily designed not for constructing a picture of the outside world but for guiding activity within it” (Ibid, 40). Thus it is this relationship between animal and nature that creates a bond for memory, motivation, and acting on the perceived. The apparatuses of BSOON are simple structures melted into the environment that are placed where:

1. generated energy where consumption is needed
2. enjoyment and fun need to be had (all the time)
3. people are present (minimum one person)

More importantly, BSOON is for everybody because they are free structures for the
public to interact with.