Meaningful play: Applying Zoosemiotics to game development

How does it make you feel? October 08, 2010

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  • Edvin Feb 21

    Serenity, infinity and minimalism out of this world.

  • Edvin Aedma Feb 24

    (a short story inspired by the photograph, posted on the request of Arlene Tucker.)

    Edvin Aedma 2011

    After years of travelling, working and seeking for the ideal serenity, I finally found myself in the serenity world.
    Its’most striking quality was the feeling of total infity of time. And freedom of no need to make choices. It was an endless space of emptiness with an occasional piece of minimalist architecture, a flower or a tree in the middle of the dunes and the sea. I happened to arrive into an empty house which lacked half of an outer wall, the open side facing the serenity sea. Serenity sea, as its name indicated, brought endless serenity upon the beholder. It gave anybody the feeling of calmness and absolute infitiy of time.
    Absolute infinity of time for myself.
    I stood in the third floor of the building, in a small but a very open feeling room, with the outer wall missing. It was warm and so incredibly calm. The room had just a simple matress and a flowerpot on a table. Nothing else.
    I felt I could stop right here, in the beginning of my story in this serenity world, and lay on the matress for hundreds of years, just gazing at the sea and thinking about life. I felt the rare feeling of freshness that I’ve only felt at the start of new stories. I rest down on the matress, closed my eyes and started to think.

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